My BLCC Library

I’ve been collecting the British Library Crime Classics series for a couple of years now, although I don’t have anywhere near a full collection. This page will identify the ones I own, my wish list, and will link to any review.

BLCC Anthologies:

There is a BLCC anthology for every occasion, and I want to own them all!

On my bookshelf:

Silent Nights, edited by Martin Edwards: Christmas mysteries
Capital Crimes, edited by Martin Edwards: Mysteries set in London
Miraculous Mysteries, edited by Martin Edwards: locked room mysteries and other impossible crimes.
Crimson Snow, edited by Martin Edwards: vintage crime stories set in winter.


The Long Arm of the Law, edited by Martin Edwards: classic police stories
Continental Crimes, edited by Martin Edwards: classic crime stories set in Europe.
Blood on the Tracks, edited by Martin Edwards: train mysteries
Murder at the Manor, edited by Martin Edwards: mysteries set in country houses
Serpents in Eden, edited by Martin Edwards: mysteries set in the English countryside.
Resorting to Murder, edited by Martin Edwards: murders on vacation/holiday.

BLCC Novels

On My Bookshelf


Murder Underground by Mavis Hay


The Cornish Coast Murder by John Bude
Death in the Tunnel by Miles Burton
Death on the Cherwell by Mavis Hay
Death on the Riviera by John Bude
The Hog’s Back Mystery by Freeman Wills Croft
Murder in the Museum by John Rowland
Murder in Piccadilly by Charles Kingston
Murder of a Lady by Anthony Wynne
The Mystery in White by J. Jefferson Farjeon
The Santa Klaus Murder by Mavis Hay
The Secret of High Eldersham by J. Jefferson Farjeon
Somebody at the Door by Raymond Postgate
Thirteen Guests by J. Jefferson Farjeon
The Z Murders by J. Jefferson Farjeon